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Ysgol Gatholig Seintiau Gabriel a Raphael

SS Gabriel and Raphael

Learn to Love, Love to Learn


The Welsh language is included in the Language, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning. At Ss Gabriel and Raphael Catholic Primary School, we believe it is important to learn the language of the country we live in.


Children have daily Welsh activities ranging from speaking Welsh, reading and writing Welsh during our initial activities. Children are also taught Welsh language skills on a weekly basis. Children complete oracy, reading and writing tasks.

We encourage staff and learners to speak Welsh throughout the day and in all curriculum areas. Teaching Welsh skills, culture in other curriculum areas is promoted.

How do we develop Welsh?

Helpwr Heddiw

For children speaking and using Welsh throughout the day and in all curriculum areas. This is a popular incentive to promote learners speaking Welsh.

Cymraeg Campus

Our school is working towards the Silver award for Cymraeg Campus showing our dedication to raising the profile and promoting the Welsh language throughout the community. We have achieved the Bronze Award.


The whole school and classrooms display the Welsh language. Every class has a Welsh display.  It is displayed to promote using the Welsh language. 


We hold an Eisteddfod where we participate in writing, art, and singing competitions. We run home/school tasks. 

School Visits

To promote our local area and the wonders of Wales, children have experienced visits to learn about Wales. Learners have visited the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Museum, Rhondda Heritage Centre and St Fagan’s among others to learn about our culture and environment.

Welsh Assemblies

Each week we have a Welsh assembly in Foundation Phase where we sing Welsh songs and listen to Welsh folk stories. Children also say a prayer in Welsh.


During the school year we celebrate a number of significant special events linked to Wales. We celebrate shw mae day, Roald Dahl day, St Dwynwen’s Day, Dydd Miwsig Cymru, Wales reaching the world cup and St David’s Day.